Neil Walton

Neil Walton

Pro Defence Krav Maga Director and Instructor Neil Walton has been practising martial arts for over 30 years before finding the dynamic Israeli tried and tested self defence system of Krav Maga used by Israeli special forces and other military and law enforcement units worldwide. 

Originally starting training as a child he practiced the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do for over 10 years, however as he grew older he became interested in reality based self defence and personal protection trying to find the ideal street based system. 

He began to cross train in a variety of martial arts for self defence eventually concentrating on Muay Thai boxing, western boxing and submission grappling. This journey led Neil to competing internationally in Thai Boxing, mixed martial arts as well as other limited rule disciplines. He fought under ‘A’ class Thai rules in Thai boxing, some of his bouts being televised on programmes on Sky Sports, Eurosport and Channel five networks. 

He has trained overseas in Thailand, Australia, America and Israel, training Muay Thai in its native land, Kick boxing and MMA in Australia, Filipino martial arts and JKD in America and ultimately Krav Maga in Israel.

During his martial arts training Neil joined the police force and has been a front line police officer for over 20 years serving time on both the tactical firearms unit and as a Personal support unit officer dealing with numerous confrontational incidents over the years. He has also been a police self defence instructor for over 15 years teaching his colleagues all aspects of police personal safety. This has given Neil well rounded experience in real life aspects of violence, confrontation, the law and self defence.

It was during his time teaching personal safety to the police that he became aware of the Israeli Krav Maga system. Excited about how the system was purely reality based and with the thought he could capitalise on his Thai boxing, boxing and submission grappling experience he began to train in Krav Maga, a term translating to ‘contact combat’ in Hebrew. 

In December 2008 Neil achieved instructor status in Krav Maga firstly with the International Krav Maga Federation learning from the IKMF global team and then Krav Maga Global under Eyal Yanoliv, the founder of the KMG and a master level in the system who originally learned Krav Maga from its founder Imi Litchenfield.

In 2013 Neil was awarded the rank of Expert in Krav Maga from Eyal Yanoliv after training and passing the gruelling Expert test at the Wingate Institute in Netanya, Israel. Neil was the first of very few KMG Krav Maga Expert's in the North of England and is one of a select number of people to receive this accolade in the whole of the UK.

Since becoming an instructor in Krav Maga Neil has used this as well as his wealth of experience to set up Pro Defence Krav Maga in the North East of England. Pro Defence Krav Maga caters for personal and corporate bodies who wish to learn a no nonsense reality based self protection system in order to deal with modern day conflict scenarios. 

Taking the best of other martial arts Pro Defence Krav Maga is an easy to learn effective, efficient system that may just help anyone wishing to learn it deal with some of the violence society sometime bestows upon us. Pro Defence Krav Maga has taught police, armed forces and security personnel in both the UK and other countries.

Neil currently holds the following ranks in Martial Arts;

Expert level - Krav Maga under Master Eyal Yanilov (KMG)

Instructor in Thai Boxing (UKMF)

Instructor in Panantukan (Filipino 'dirty' boxing) under Warrior Arts Alliance

Instructor British Combat Association

Black belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do

Purple Belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu

Police Personal Safety trainer