Dave G

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David is a 33 year old Grappler from Darlington England. A lifelong boxing and pro wrestling fan his eyes were opened in the early 90's when he witnessed the early Ultimate Fighting Championship events. Despite being a karate student at the time he was struck by the efficiency of a small Brazilian fighter named Royce Gracie as he effortlessly defeated much larger opponents. It was clear the grappling arts were the future and a martial arts revolution was taking place. Having only dabbled briefly in one grappling art in his younger days David came to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu relatively late when he began training around six years ago having stumbled across a small local gym teaching this art.

Unhappy with his performance in early competitions he resolved to compete more often until he became good at it. He now trains up to six times a week and has won a Bronze Medal two years in a row at the British Open, a Silver medal at NAGA UK (Americas most prestigious grappling competition) and a gold medal at the respected Grapplenation competition.

He trains and teaches at The Lab Darlington and regularly travels to encounter other styles and be exposed to new techniques. He has competed all over the UK and is currently targeting more submission only competitions in addition to the European Championships.

He holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which, in terms of skill, is the equivalent of a black belt in most other martial arts. His style of Jiu Jitsu focusses on efficiency and pressure – both the application of pressure and remaining calm under pressure.