A Female Perspective

Written by Lauren

I spent months deciding whether or not to come down to The Lab and it is without a doubt the best decision I have made

The thought of being one of the few females in a Martial Arts gym can put many people off.

This is a real shame.

My experience of training at The Lab in Darlington is such a positive one.
Yes it is very daunting, especially the first time you go. You feel like you might get in the way or you might hold the rest of the group up. Although there are still times where you might feel a little apprehensive, like when you walk in or when picking partners etc, but you soon realise there is no need to.

You are treated exactly the same as everyone else in the gym.You are included in the same session plan and don't get any special treatment at all; just as it should be.
Training gives you such a buzz and being able to feel yourself progress is fantastic.
The fist bump you get from everyone at the end of the session, knowing you worked really hard is the best feeling!

You are continuously encouraged to step out of your comfort zone each session, this results in progression. Getting fitter and more technically skilled each class.
To put it simply...do it!.

You won't regret it!

Come and help me show everyone what us girls can do!

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