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The Lab was created with the aim to help people become better versions of themselves.

The name was chosen because we are always testing what we teach.

Wether its BJJ, MMA or Strength & Conditioning, we pride ourselves on providing tangible results.

We have, so far, produced national champions in both BJJ and MMA, helped people achieve life changing weight loss and been a stepping stone to the UFC .

There are many benefits to joining the family, here at The Lab.

We say family because that is what we have become. Through training, great personal bonds are made, and these turn into friendships.

The success of our Competition Team, proves that the skills acquired in the martial arts classes are effective, however very few of our members choose to compete, for most the training provides enough benefits.

We encourage people to step out of their comfort zones, but we never push anyone into competition.

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'true knowledge lies in experimentation' William blake

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